Our Brands

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Sorbus™ was established to create a cutting-edge, growing line of home & kitchen products that inspire users and create the ultimate style of living

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Sivan™ was established to create an contemporary, thriving line of health and fitness merchandise that motivate users and brings a higher-quality of physical performance

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LED Concepts™ was established to create an innovative, expanding line of LED products to meet the ever- changing demand of technology

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Matney™ was established to create an exceptional, creative line of outdoor and indoor products that bring entertainment and fun activity to the next level

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Who Are We?

Innovators that develop products to meet the ever-changing demand of today's lifestyle.
Manufacturing and supplying innovative brands for the ultimate style of living.
As we continue to grow, learn, and improve our products we're committed to
expanding our brands to fit all our customers' needs.


Our vision is the future! We don't want to recreate existing products; we want to redefine the established borders and take our products into an exciting new area of possibility.


The way a product looks feels, and function is a testament to its design. We don't just look at a products design, we re-envision its concept entirely, bringing only the best, well-designed products to our clients.


We understand that just because something looks and feels fantastic, it doesn't mean that it is. Our team rigorously tests and evaluates every product we feature to ensure that it meets the tests placed upon it.


We understand that it's innovation that drives the world around us. We are constantly striving to bring only the highest-quality, and innovative products to our customers.

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